Darshan Fund

The Hindu Society of Saskatchewan is excited to launch the Shri Lakshmi Narayan Darshan Fund (SLNDF). Many devotees have requested that the Temple should be accessible everyday, not just two hours a week. The board seriously considered the request and created the SLNDF that will allow all interested devotees daily darshan access to Mandir whenever convenient to them with a proximity access card between 6:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. Think of it like a gym membership where you get access in and out the doors of the facility on your own time using a proximity scan card. There are several other benefits (please visit webpage below) for being part of the SLNDF along with rules and policies for devotees to follow.

Your support is more than ever required due to the pandemic adverse effects on our Temple. Many devotees are still unable to come to Temple congregation due to Covid-19; however, with the introduction of the access card, Temple is accessible to devotees at anytime without fear of the virus. It’s customary for Hindus to go to Mandir even for 2-5 minutes of Darshan everyday and for other instances like before heading to work/school, on birthdays/anniversaries, before job interviews and exams, remembering special people in our life, silent meditation, etc.

Your Temple runs solely on your generous donation/support to help maintain a place of worship for Hindus in Saskatoon. Yearly operational costs for the Temple are approximately $50K whether the Temple is open, partially open or closed and this not including mortgage and building repairs.

Your contribution will help promote our Hindu culture, faith, and values to the community and more importantly to our children. We might be the only Temple not able to offer priestly services to do various pujas to our devotees. This fund will be used for the purpose of hiring a priest, help with operational costs, and organize Hinduism classes for our youth.

Contributing to this fund gives every Hindu in Saskatchewan a unique opportunity to now access your Temple whenever it suits you and promote Hinduism.

For a minimum of $20/month or $220/year, you can have your personal proximity card to access your Mandir. Your participation along with that of your family, friends, colleagues, and acquaintances who share HSS vision are crucial to help us maintain our Hindu traditions and a place of worship. When you sign up, you join the many other devotees united to promote Hinduism in our beautiful province of Saskatchewan.

For monthly subscription, please fill this form available on this link: https://www.slntemple.ca/donate/pre-authorized-deposit

For yearly subscription, donation can be made by e-transfer at donate@slntemple.ca or use credit debit card by donating online at our website or use the link https://square.link/u/yzEktwxZ.

There are several questions please visit Darshan fund frequently asked questions webpage.

Signup forms are available at temple and on website for your convenience. You can also signup electronically by visiting


Vishal Jheengut (President)


-- Your everyday access Key to Mandir --

For a minimum of $20/month or $220/year

Your Donation Helps the Society to

1. Maintain a place of worship and to preserve and promote Hindu culture, faith, and values.

2. Promote public awareness, understanding and appreciation of the Hindu faith.

3. Interact with other religious and faith organizations.

4. Provide and support spiritual, charitable, and humanitarian services.

Benefits to Donors

1. Everyday access to Temple for Darshan only with your personal HSS proximity card between 6:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m., after which Temple will be closed until 6:00 a.m. the next morning.

2. After a priest is hired, 15% discount on priestly services at your preferred venue.

3. When renting Temple facilities, you will get a free extra hour for every 3 hours rented, no additional extra charges for kitchen use and decorations (current rental charges - Temple rental $50/hr, kitchen use $40/hr)

4. No rental charges for funeral services at Temple.

5. You receive a 15% discount on any paid events organized by the HSS.

6. You receive a 10% discount to HSS participating local businesses.

7. You receive priority for Mahaprasadam sponsorship.

8. Your total cumulative donations of the calendar year are eligible for charitable tax receipts.

Rules and Policies

1. The Temple belongs to you and it’s your responsibility to take proper care of it during your visit.

2. Minimum flat rate of $20/month (minimum one year sign up) or $220/year per family (see HSS by-laws for family definition), person, seniors, and students. If you wish to cancel anytime, please contact us.

3. Donors can access Temple only between 6:00 am – 8:00 pm with a proximity card.

4. Temple access is for a maximum 30 minutes for Darshan only and not for personal events or stay.

5. Donors cannot lend their cards to anyone and must always accompany guests.

6. In case your card is lost, donors should notify a board member and the card will be deactivated immediately. Replacement or any extra card will cost $75.

7. The Temple premises are monitored by security cameras in case of an issue.

8. All lamps (diyas), incense and lights must be turned off after your visit.

9. HSS reserves all the rights to change on any rule, policies, benefits, and revoke access to parties not abiding to HSS rules and guidelines without notice.