Know your PRiests 

The lifestyle of our temple priests is one of discipline and austerity. They possess extensive knowledge of the scriptures and rituals. They are incapable of yielding to vice or evil. They are devoid of jealously, avarice, lust, and greed, among other vices. As an obedient agent of God, the priest's sole purpose in life is to attend to the daily necessities of the deity they worship. Other than that, the deity is accountable for the priest's private existence. In theory, the priests prioritize the requirements of God above their own personal interests. We are fortunate to have devout priests at our local temple, as their conduct has a profound impact on a number of individuals who come to pay their respects.
The connection between the deity and his priest is profound, personal, and intimate. Our priests, like all others, are Bhagavata, which means they are devotees and servants of the deities they worship. The priests devote their entire being to their service and worship God with the deepest devotion, yet devoid of any selfish ambitions or anticipations for their own benefit. It is customary for our priest to commence each day with a lucid intellect, bathe early, don spotless attire, perform morning oblations, and adorn himself with the requisite body markings. They then proceed to the temple, where the daily service commences. 


-- Know the Priests (Bio) --


Traditional Priest

From 2004 to 2006 Pandit ji took training under Swami Prakshanand Saraswati, Pathankot . He furthered his learning at the Shri Annpurna Nandchandi Ashram, Hoshiarpur.

From 2014 onwards Pandit ji started serving as an independent  priest in India. Pandit ji has extensively served Hindu Mandir in Montreal, Hindu Mission of Canada Montreal and Hindu Center & religious services vill. St. Laurent Montreal. 

Now Pandit Shri Satish Sharma ji has agreed to be in service of Shri Lakshmi Narayan Temple and the Hindu Community in and around Saskatoon.