Darshan Fund FAQ

1. Why should I be part of this fund?

The society can only promote Hinduism to the community and most importantly to our children if we are all united and share the vision and objectives of the Hindu Society of Saskatchewan. Having and maintaining a place of worship is the first step towards that goal but it comes at a cost. It costs approximately $50,000 every year for utilities and building maintenance with mortgage payments and building repairs are extra expenses. Without your support, the society will be unable to fulfill the long term obligations in maintaining your place of worship and organizing Hindu festivals. With a donation of $20/month (0.65 cents a day, less than the cost of a cup of coffee), your donation will ensure the society is able to move Hinduism forward in the future. More importantly, I would like the community to think about how difficult it is when a devotee passes away and the Temple simply cannot provide priestly services to the grieving family. Remember, we can plan many of our prayers requiring a priest in advance down the road but NOT when someone passes away and a priest is required within a limited time to perform funeral rituals. As a community, we can agree that we should be supportive when a community member is grieving and I request every devotee to be part of the priest hiring solution. The running of the Temple is the responsibility of all devotees and not for the board members who are only here as your facilitators. I would request devotees to please not look the other way and join the other donors who signed up to support this fund.

2. Is daily Aarti and Shiv Abhishekam important at Temple?

Every devotee has a small Temple in their home and does aarti everyday. Similarly, it is extremely important that aarti is done everyday at Temple. Devotee can also do Shiv Abhishekam now that we have Shiv Lingam Sthapna puja done.

3. Worried of being in crowded situations due to Covid-19? How does this Darshan Fund give you unique access to Temple?

All interested devotees who signed up can have daily darshan access to Mandir whenever convenient to them with a proximity access card between 6:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. Think of it like a gym membership where you get access in and out the doors of the facility on your own time using a proximity scan card. Many devotees are still unable to come to Temple congregations due to Covid-19 concerns; however, with the introduction of the access card, Temple is accessible to devotees at any time without fear of the virus. It’s customary for Hindus to go to Mandir even for 2-5 minutes of Darshan everyday and for other instances like before heading to work/school, on birthdays/anniversaries, before job interviews and exams, remembering special people in our life, silent meditation, etc.

4. Where will the Temple use the fund collected?

The board has been getting many calls from many devotees and newcomers that they need a priest. It's now turning more into a complaint, rightly so, how come the Temple has no assigned priest? How is the community going to perform rituals, ceremonies, festivals, personal/family prayers like naming a newly born baby, purchase of a car and house warming and/or just prayers to the divine for the well being of the community. The fund will be collected to hire a priest and help with operations.

5. How do you make sure nobody steals and damages property at the Temple?

The question is definitely not related to devotees and if you are still pondering, let's define a devotee. A devotee is a pure, enthusiastic follower/soul that devotes his/her time to the service of Shri Lakshmi Narayan. A devotee does not wish anything material (wealth, social status, popularity, fame, etc) other than self realization and be able to serve God at all times. Many years ago, there were a couple instances where complete strangers did break inside the Temple and fortunately nothing was stolen/broken. A few years back, Temple had security cameras installed, proper security labels posted on the exterior and interior of the building and 24 hour alarm monitoring that since have successfully deterred unlawful activities, if any, in Temple premises. Remember break ins can happen to any building in the city if there is no proper security deterrence in place. Your board will absolutely not limit Temple opening to devotees because of the bad actions of a few outsiders. The Temple cameras record for 24h a day and when you scan your access card, board members get an instant phone notification that someone opened the doors and there is a digital fingerprint left on the server. So, please don't lend your card and always accompany your guests. If there is an issue, we can go back to look at them.

6. Which businesses are providing discounts to donors?

Pardessi Bazaar and Bombay Spices have confirmed 10-15% discount to all SLNDF donors. Some conditions may apply in stores. We are liaising with other businesses to add to the list of participating stores.

7. What if I already donate monthly to the Temple?

First of all, our sincere thanks and gratitude on behalf of the society to your generous continuing support to your Temple. Your donation in any amount is very important to maintain a Hindu place of worship and promote Hinduism. If you are already donating a minimum of $20/month, you are automatically eligible to receive the SLNDF benefits. If your current contribution is less than $20, you can contact us to raise your donation to $20 to participate in the SLNDF objectives.

8. What kind of events organized by the Temple that donors will get discounts?

Events like Mata Ki Chauki, Annual HSS banquet, Temple cultural shows and other events that the board will advertise beforehand.

9. Why is this called a donation and not a membership?

The HSS by-laws need to be amended to allow this change taking in consideration our life members. The board will put forward the proposal to the general body to debate and come to a conclusion on this issue but for now it's considered a donation and you will receive donation tax receipts.

10. What happens if my card is lost?

Do not worry, just like a credit card, it can be deactivated in seconds. Contact us and we will deactivate it immediately. Also, there will be no addresses on the card written for that very purpose if it gets misplaced.

11. How do I sign up?

Please complete the two Darshan forms and email to hindusocietyofsaskatchewan@gmail.com or give them to any board member at Temple. Payment details available in application form.