Dear Devotees,

We warmly invite you to participate in the sacred and fulfilling service of cooking and serving prasadam at our beloved Shri Lakshmi Narayan temple. Prasadam, the sanctified food offered to the deities, holds immense spiritual significance in our Hindu tradition. It is not just nourishment for the body, but also a divine blessing that purifies the mind and soul.

By cooking and serving prasadam, you are engaging in a deeply rewarding act of devotion and community service. This selfless act fosters a sense of unity and belonging among us, strengthening the bonds within our congregation. Moreover, it provides an opportunity to express gratitude, share divine blessings, and uphold the cherished tradition of hospitality that is central to our faith.

Your participation is vital. It ensures that every devotee who visits the temple can partake in this sacred offering, thus enhancing their spiritual experience. Additionally, cooking together allows us to share our culinary skills, learn from each other, and preserve the rich cultural heritage of our cuisine.

We encourage you to join us in this noble endeavor. Let us come together to cook, serve, and receive prasadam, creating a vibrant and spiritually uplifting atmosphere in our temple. Your dedication and love will not only enrich your own spiritual journey but also inspire and bless our entire community.

Best Wishes

Sunday Temple Worship and Shri Lakshmi Narayan Mahaprasadam Project: 

Sunday Temple Worship (10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.) Every Sunday, kind-hearted individuals generously sponsor Mahaprasadam for Bhog to Shri Lakshmi Narayan ji, and this sacred offering is then shared with all the devoted attendees at the assembly. We are deeply appreciative of the sponsors who selflessly contribute to the Sunday Mahaprasadam. If you have any additional questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. The HSS board kindly requests the support and participation of devotees to sponsor blessed Mahaprasadam on Sundays, as the crowd continues to grow.

Sponsors are encouraged and welcome to utilize the fully equipped temple commercial kitchen on Sundays without any charges. Alternatively, individuals have the option to cook at home or order from a restaurant, although the latter choices may come with a higher price tag.

We have some exciting news for you if your schedule doesn't allow for much volunteering. You have the opportunity to make a meaningful impact on the community by sponsoring Mahaprasadam for a group of 100-125 devotees. The cost for this sponsorship is $450. Please make sure to check the congregation size (as it is growing) with the temple board members on your sponsored Sunday. Please inform us ahead of time so that our team of dedicated volunteers can handle the cooking for you. Depending on the food items, you may be asked to purchase some fresh groceries. We will make sure that your sponsorship gets the highest level of visibility on the Sunday of your choosing. There is a sign-up board available at the main entrance of Geeta Bhawan for this year's Sunday Mahaprasadam.

Donation of Groceries:

Please donate groceries to Temple to assist with Mahaprasadam preparation (Paper Plates, Paper or Foam Take Away Boxes, Rice, Ghee, Cooking Oil, Sooji, Butter, Frozen mixed vegetables, Large cans of beans such as chickpeas, kidney beans, white beans, Besan, Spices, Tea bags, Daal, Sugar, Salt).